Cortese heads to Le Mans as Championship leader


The Red Bull KTM Ajo Factory Racing Team has done great along the first GP season of the new Moto3 class. The team heads now to the fourth GP held this weekend at legendary Le Mans circuit in France with their rider Sandro Cortese in championship lead.
– We started the season really well, sale says team leader Aki Ajo, here – However, order we do developing work in this new class in the long run and I consider succeeding in that more important than single highlights.

Cortese has started great

Ajo emphasizes that the consistent strong performance is much thanks to German rider Cortese, who one and half weeks ago went to the championship lead after winning the GP of Portugal at Estoril circuit. Beside his victory Cortese has gained two third places and same amount of pole positions.
– I go to France with positive mind, says Cortese, – The third victory of my GP career of course gave me more self-confidence but I can´t get too excited about it. The Estoril circuit fit fine for us but now we are facing new circumstances and challenges at Le Man´s so called ”stop and go” circuit, reminds Cortese.
Cortese´s bikes body was adjusted to be more rigid in Estoril. That turned out to be a good solution.
– The team has done a great job and we have gone forward with the bike all the time. However, the bike is still so new that we have plenty of possibilities to improve it, says Cortese.
The main focus now is at the frame.
– The factory and the team work all the time intensively together with the new frame, confirms Ajo.

”Working hard with humble attitude”

The success made the team even more eager and the first victory still improved their high motivation.
– We continue to work with humble attitude, says Ajo. – The tracks are different and we have to start every GP weekend in a way from scratch.
The hard work has paid of also for Cortese´s team mates Briton Danny Kent and Australian Arthur Sissis. Kent is ninth in championship standing and Sissis, who is having his first GP season, is 12th. At his best Kent has finished eight this season and has qualified fourth. Sissis has finished seventh and qualified eight.
– All our riders have made a strong effort all the time. I can´t be anything but pleased, Ajo summarises the beginning of the season.
Rain has bothered the two previous GPs in Estoril and in Jerez, Spain.
– If I could wish something that would be that there is a steady weather. Unfortunately it is forecasted that it would be uncertain weather also in Le Mans, says Ajo.

* Timetable of Le Mans GP 18-20 May, Moto3 – local time (GMT +2):

Friday 18 May
09.15-09.55, 1st free practice
13.15-13.55, 2nd free practice

Saturday 19 May
09.15-09.55, 3rd free practice
13.00-13.40, qualifying session

Sunday 20 May
08.40-09.00, warm up
11.00, race 4/17

* Le Mans Circuit info
Length: 4.180 m. / 2,597 miles
Width: 13m
Left corners: 4
Right corners: 9
Longest straight: 674 m. / 0,419 miles
Constructed: 1966
Modified: 2008

* Video: Sandro Cortese Presenting Red Bull Hospitality 2012: