Cortese heads to Barcelona in 12 points lead


Red Bull KTM Ajo Factory Racing Team´s Finnish team leader Aki Ajo is pleased with the four first GPs of the new Moto3 season.

“There have been different winners in all the GPs. Right from the beginning the new class has turned out to be a successful, ambulance equal and even surprising. It looks good”, sick says Ajo.

Ajo is naturally also pleased with the fact that KTM factory rider Sandro Cortese leads the championship by 12 points before the Gran Premi Aperol de Catalunya. German rider won the GP of Portugal in Estoril.

“I head to the GP of Catalunya with confidence. I have the whole packet in shape at the track and outside it. There is a great and family-like team behind me”, here says 22-year-old Cortese.

Cortese has done a really steady work since during the last 21 GPs he has attended including the 125 cc races from the 2011 season, there is only one GP from where he didn´t get points.

“Cortese is full of self confidence and he is also calm. Also the faster track of Barcelona should fit better for him than the previous track of Le Mans”, hints Ajo.

The team hasn´t and will not count only on Cortese´s success. Australian Arthur Sissis, 16, and Briton Danny Kent, 19, are now 10th and 12th in championship standing.

Sissis, a former successful Speedway-rider, has started his first GP-season really strong.

“The bike is really good and it fits great for me. Everything has gone just great so far. To be honest, I didn´t dare to expect results this good when we started the season. But the four first GPs have showed that at my best I can ride in the top group”, says Sissis.

Based on the results from the test season Kent was estimated to be one of the most promising riders of the season but the beginning of his season has included also a misfortune. Therefore, the full potential has not been showed yet.

“The new class is a learning period for all of us and the season is still young. I know exactly that I can go as fast as the top group. Also Le Mans proved that. I am gaining my confidence for riding back soon”, Kent confirms.

Whole new frame
for KTM´s factory bike

The developing work of the new Moto3 class´ bikes is pretty hectic and it goes on the whole season of 17 GPs. For example KTM´s factory bikes´ frames were changed already at season´s second and third GPs in Jerez, Spain and in Estoril, Portugal. For Barcelona the team will have complete new and more rigid frame.

“It´s still a steel tube frame, which is now throughout one packet”, describes Ajo.

Ajo and Cortese took the bike with new frame a week ago to Pannonia Ring in Hungary because it is forbidden to do testing at GP-tracks during the season.

“Unfortunately the rain disturbed those tests but we aim to continue the work right at the first free practice session of GP of Catalunya on Friday”, Ajo plans.

Unsteady weather circumstances and rain have been regularly seen during the first GPs of the season. The opening GP was hold on dry track in Qatar, Losail but the floodlights made the race so special that it can´t be compared to others.

“One thing what everybody are now hoping is that we could have a steady weather. Circumstances which change all the time have made it difficult to do testing work during the GP weekends and therefore to do any analysing work. Well, we can´t do anything but hope that the situation in Barcelona is better when it comes to the weather”, wondered Ajo.

* Timetable of Gran Premi Aperol de Catalunya:

Friday 1st of June
9.15-9.55, 1st free practice
13.15-13.55, 2nd free practice

Saturday 2nd of June
9.15-9.55, 3rd free practice
13.00-13.40, qualifying practice

Sunday 3rd of June
8.40-9.00, warm up
11.00, race

* Circuit info
Length: 4.727 m. / 2,937 miles
Width: 12m
Left corners: 5
Right corners: 8
Longest straight: 1.047 m. / 0,651 miles
Constructed: 1991
Modified: 1995