Khairuddin seventh in Mugello qualifying


Malaysian Moto3 rider Zulfahmi Khairuddin starts from third row on Sunday for the Italian GP at Mugello circuit. Khairuddin, who has done strong work with the AirAsia-SIC-Ajo Team´s KTM bike, made his fastest lap with time of 1.59,391. He improved his pace once again significantly from the practice, when he was 23rd with a time of 2.00,649.
“I couldn´t find the best possible feeling for my bike in the free practice. In the qualifying the situation was much better with that as well. I dare to expect a good race from myself on Sunday”, Khairuddin wondered.
Team leader Aki Ajo expects the same.
“It seems that I am repeating myself but this is the fact that goes with Fahmi even better now during this season: he is especially a race rider with a capital r.
Spanish Maverick Vinales claimed the pole position of season´s ninth GP with a time of 1.57,980. Championship leader German Sandro Cortese qualified second 0,421 seconds from the pole.
Khairuddin was 1,411 seconds from Vinales.

Moto3 Qualifying Practice Classification:
1. Maverick Vinales Spain, Blusens Avintia, FTR Honda 1.57,980
2. Sandro Cortese Germany, Red Bull KTM Ajo, KTM + 0,421
3. Alex Rins Spain, Estrella Galicia 0,0, Suter Honda + 0,841
4. Efren Vazquez Spain, JHK Laglisse, FTR Honda + 0,860
5. Danny Kent Great Britain, Red Bull KTM Ajo, KTM + 1,109
6. Niccolo Antonelli Italy, San Carlo Gresini Moto3, FTR Honda + 1,381
7. Zulfahmi Kkairuddin Malaysia, AirAsia-Sic-Ajo, KTM + 1,411
8. Romano Fenati Italy, Team Italia FMI, FTR Honda 1,485
9. Luis Salom Spain, RW Racing GP, Kalex KTM + 1,493
10. Hector Faubel Spain, Mapfre Aspar Team Moto3, Kalex KTM + 1,593
11. Louis Rossi France, Racing Team Germany, FTR Honda + 1,700
12. Alberto Moncayo Spain, Mapfre Aspar Team Moto3, Kalex KTM + 1,718
13. Jakub Kornfeil Czech, Redox-Ongetta-Centro Seta, FTR Honda + 1,797
14. Alan Techer France, Technomag-CIP-TSR, TSR Honda + 1,898
15. Kevin Calia Italy, Elle 2 Ciatti, Honda + 1,975
28. Niklas Ajo Finland, TT Motion Events Racing, KTM + 3,330
29. Arthur Sissis Australia, Red Bull KTM Ajo, KTM + 3,337