Cortese in 29-point lead after finishing second


Red Bull KTM Ajo Factory Racing Team´s German rider Sandro Cortese leads now the championship standing already by 29 points after finishing second at season´s tenth Moto3 GP at Indianapolis, physician USA.
Cortese, buy who dominated the free practice sessions and qualifying, did almost perfect work at the 4,2 kilometres long circuit but missed the third victory of the season by only 56 thousandth of seconds.
Cortese, along with the other two of the championship trio, Spanish Maverick Vinales and Luis Salom organized a true thriller for the victory. The fight became to an end at the last lap´s final turn when Vinales tried to pass Cortese, who was in lead and was about to take him off the track. Salom, who took the first victory of his career, saw a possibility to come and crossed the finish line just barely before Cortese.
Vinales, who is second in championship standing, ended up falling.
“I truly believed I will win and it was so close”, Cortese said, “But I am not that disappointed. The points gained from here were today the most important thing.”
Cortese admitted that the leading trio was riding on a risk limit when fighting for the victory.
“We were on the limit. I think I also had four moments when the front end of the bike was about to slide out from under me.”
Vinales´s bad luck meant this time good luck for Cortese. However, the German didn´t want to have this kind of outcome.
“I feel sorry for Maverick (Vinales). No one deserves that kind of result. Today we were with him much stronger than the other riders.
Cortese´s teammates Australian Arthur Sissis was 11th and Briton Danny Kent 12th. Sissis started from the 23rd place and Kent from first row next to Cortese.
In the beginning Kent was just behind the front group but couldn´t keep the pace in the end.
“After a good start I jus couldn´t get any traction for the front end of my bike”, Kent said, “The trust for the bike was gone and so was my best pace.”
Also Sissis, who had a strong start, was disappointed with the poor traction of the Indianapolis circuit.
“But still I managed to find pretty good pace for the race. However, I should be able for better results also at the practices and at qualifying”, Sissis said referring to his starting place.
The hectic Moto3 season, which returned from 4 weeks summer break to Indianapolis, continues already next weekend at Brno circuit in Czech.

Moto3 Race Classification:
1. Luis Salom Spain, RW Racing GP, Kalex KTM 42.14,300
2. Sandro Cortese Germany, Red Bull KTM Ajo, KTM + 0,056
3. Jonas Folger Germany, Mapfre Aspar Team Moto3, Kalex KTM + 2,940
4. Miguel Oliveira Portugal, Estrella Galicia 0,0, Suter Honda + 3,067
5. Romano Fenati Italy, Team Italia FMI, FTR Honda + 3,664
6. Zulfahmi Khairuddin Malaysia, AirAsia-Sic-Ajo, KTM + 7,663
7. Alex Rins Spain, Estrella Galicia 0,0, Suter Honda + 7,697
8. Jakub Kornfeil Czech, Redox-Ongetta-Centro Seta, FTR Honda + 11,203
9. Alberto Moncayo Spain, Andalucia JHK Laglisse, FTR Honda + 11,242
10. Alexis Masbou France, Caretta Technology, Honda + 13,163
11. Arthur Sissis Australia, Red Bull KTM Ajo , KTM + 23,362
12. Danny Kent Great Britain, Red Bull KTM Ajo, KTM + 24,364
13. Louis Rossi France, Racing Team Germany, FTR Honda +25,001
14. Isaac Vinales Spain, Ongetta-Centro Seta, FTR Honda + 31,211
15. Alessandro Tonucci Italy, Team Italia FMI, FTR Honda +34,179

World Championship Standing:
1. Cortese 184
2. Maverick Vinales Spain, FTR Honda 155
3. Salom 129
4. Fenati 96
5. Masbou 81
6. Khairuddin 76
7. Rins 72
8. Rossi 59
9. Kent 57
10. Niccolo Antonelli Italy, FTR Honda 55
11. Oliveira 52
12. Efren Vazquez Spain, FTR Honda 50
13. Hector Faubel Spain, Kalex KTM 44
14. Moncayo 43
15. Sissis 43
19. Niklas Ajo Finland, KTM 21

Next GP: 26th of August. Brno, Czech.