A lap of Phillip Island with Sissis


Red Bull KTM Ajo rider reveals the secrets of his home track and scene of this weekend’s Australian GP.


Phillip Island is one of the fastest circuits on the calendar and a favourite of home rider Arthur Sissis. The Red Bull KTM Ajo rider took his first GP podium last year when he placed third. Sissis returns home this week with the will to repeat that performance in front of the fans. The Australian rider analyses every turn of the 4.4km circuit which features some of the best scenery at any Grand Prix location.

Turns 1 and 2
“On the first corner at Phillip Island –Doohan Corner– you reach high speeds. I think it is one of the fastest corners on the calendar. You enter it in fourth at full throttle, then climb up the gears before reaching 230 km/h. Here is where you feel one of the characteristic elements of this GP: The wind, which makes it very difficult to ride. The next corner, the Southern Loop, is a blind corner in which you can’t see the exit.”

Turn 3
“After a small climb and a drop, you get to Turn 3, which is a little scary even with a Moto3 bike. The wind always hits you from the same direction and pushes the front end. I think Casey Stoner can explain this better! He was incredibly fast here and that’s why the corner bears his name.”

Turns 4, 5 and 6
“The Honda corner is one of the slowest. It is closed up and you have to brake very hard. On the exit you go into sixth gear and take a very fast right hander into Siberia. That is where last season we only had a metre in which to ride, because the rest of the lines were very bumpy. I think that this year will be different, because they have laid down new asphalt. Despite all this, I love Turn 6.”

Turns 7, 8 and 9
“Next up you climb the hill and, with the throttle wide open, take a fast left and a fast right. This section is where the wind again pushes you hard on the front; it is similar to Turn 3. Then there is ‘Lukey Heights:’ An ascending left corner.”

Turns 10 and 11
“Upon exiting Turn 9, you have the second and final slow corner of the circuit. At Phillip Island it is very important how you exit the corners. This section, for example, requires you to exit well in order to take the final two left handers.”

Turn 12 and home straight
“The final corner is very fun. This and Turn 6 are my favourites here. If you dare, you can take it in fourth and at full gas. I enjoy myself a lot on this corner. There is a dip in the middle and, when you are coming out, you climb back up with the entire straight and the sea ahead of you. It is a beautiful feeling.”