Positive final test of the season for Red Bull KTM Ajo


Hanika, Oliveira and Binder complete three intense days of testing in Valencia, trying out the new 2015 KTM and closing their preseason action until February.


After a wet start to the preseason, the Red Bull KTM Ajo 2015 riders enjoyed three days of good weather in testing at the Comunitat Valenciana circuit in Spain this week. Hanika, Oliveira and Binder were able to ride for the first time with the new 2015 KTM, ending satisfied with their trio of testing days and with important conclusions drawn to help further work –ahead of the next test next year.

Throughout this final test, the Red Bull KTM Ajo riders put in over 60 laps each day. The test provided the ideal chance to compare this year’s bike with next season’s machine over the course of three days. All three riders had their first laps onboard the new KTM this week. Oliveira, Binder and Hanika were thus given the chance to start choosing the direction they will take their initial work strategy, and were amongst the fastest riders from the opening laps of the test onwards.

As of now, the Red Bull KTM Ajo riders will not ride their bikes again until next February, when the preseason is reopened after a testing ban. Until then, the riders will enjoy two months of vacations and personal training.

Miguel Oliveira,
“This test has been very positive. I felt much more comfortable with both the bike and the team –who are helping me a lot. We have set good lap times and a very good pace. Yesterday and today we tested the new 2015 KTM; although it was the first time with it, the feeling was very good. This gives me a lot of motivation to keep working hard in the winter and if possible get stronger for next season.”

Brad Binder,
“It has gone very well in Valencia. Yesterday was a difficult day, not because of our feeling but because we worked with two different bikes. In the morning we used the bike from this year and in the afternoon we ran the 2015 KTM. Today we also rode with the new bike and the feeling is already really good; I’m especially happy with the chassis. Yesterday we had a great pace but also suffered a couple of crashes, although none were serious. All-in-all, we’re very pleased with the last test of the year and look forward to continuing to enjoy this new bike that gives me a very good feeling.”

Karel Hanika,
“These three days of testing have helped us a lot –both me and the team. We tried a different setup for the bike from this year, always finding improvements in order to move forward. Today I tried the bike that we will use next year and everything surprised me for the good. If we work hard through the winter and improve some aspects we can go very quickly. Hopefully we can make this progress and improve my riding so that next season is very good. I have enjoyed myself during these tests and I have learned many things with the team. I think I feel ready to compete right now.”

Aki Ajo,
“It has been a very good period of testing, and very useful: Three days in Jerez –which was more like two due to the weather conditions– and three days here in Valencia. We have taken some important steps forward. It is very important to finish the season like this, because we have obtained a lot of data that will be vital for next season. Karel [Hanika] has continued working hard and improving, showing his great potential. Here in Valencia he has been very consistent and fast. As for our new riders, Miguel [Oliveira] and Brad [Binder], I think that they have made a really good start with the team. This has been six days of testing at very interesting circuits and a great first step for the 2015 project.”