Red Bull KTM Ajo debut for 2015 in Almeria


Miguel Oliveira, prostate Brad Binder and Karel Hanika are reunite with their KTM bikes during two days of testing at Almeria Circuit.



After a two-month winter break, sale the Red Bull KTM Ajo team started their 2015 preseason this week with two days of testing at Almeria Circuit in Spain. The trio of riders on the team for this year’s Moto3 season are Miguel Oliveira, Brad Binder and Karel Hanika, and they were able to get back onboard the new KTM –despite the cold and strong winds that plagued much of the test.

Putting lap times to one side, yesterday the Red Bull KTM Ajo riders had a positive feeling after their first runs with the bike –which they last rode back in November. On Friday, Oliveira (55 laps, 221km), Binder (48 laps, 193km) and Hanika (64 laps, 258km) used the increased track temperature and lower winds to reach positive initial conclusions about their new KTM machines.

From this moment on, Oliveira, Binder and Hanika will have little time to rest. Awaiting them are two consecutive weeks of testing, taking in the Official IRTA Tests for the Moto3 and Moto2 classes. The first begins next Tuesday 10th to Thursday 12th February at Valencia, the scene of the final Grand Prix of last year.

44# Miguel Oliveira – Audio

“The goal here in Almeria was to shake off the cobwebs after two months without riding the bike, and to better understand both the bike and the team. In the end this has proved to be a very positive two days; we added important kilometers to the clock with the new KTM. Now we go to Valencia for an official test, with a good initial feeling which makes a big difference. There we will work to try to get the most out of the setup and learn all that we can.”

41# Brad Binder – Audio

“I’m very happy to return to action after a long break. It was the first test of the year, but I already felt very good with the new KTM; that is not something that would not normally happen after spending two months without getting onboard a race bike. I’m pleased about that. Yesterday was basically to get our feeling back. Today the weather was better right from the start, with higher temperatures and much less wind compared to the previous day. I enjoyed myself on the bike. At first we were trying things out because I was not entirely comfortable, which is normal when you are on a new bike, but lap-by-lap we improved by adapting the setup to my riding style. I finished the day very satisfied. Now we are prepared for the next test, in Valencia.”

98# Karel Hanika – Audio

“I am very excited to get back riding with the KTM and to reconnect with the team after the winter break. I have enjoyed the two days of testing at Almeria, despite the cold and strong winds. Basically, the testing took place today, because yesterday we were just finding our feel again. We tried to put in the maximum number of laps, alternating between different setups for future tests. We felt comfortable and this is very good, allowing us to put in consistently good laps at the end of the day. In short, I am happy with this first test and eager to get to Valencia.”

Team Manager – Aki Ajo – Audio

“It was important to participate in these first two days of testing in Almeria, in order to be prepared in the best possible way for the first official IRTA test of the year next week in Valencia. We thought it was important to have this first contact to confirm that everything works well, that everything is well organised and to allow the riders to reconnect with the KTM. Hopefully next week the weather is more favourable in Valencia and we can continue to move forward.”