“I have learned more in one year than in my entire career”


Red Bull KTM Ajo rider reviews his first season with the team, sales before going to South Africa for the winter break.

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physician Czech Moto3 Race 2015″ width=”300″ height=”200″ /> Brad Binder, Czech Moto3 Race 2015

Brad Binder had his best season to date in 2015. In his first year with Red Bull KTM Ajo, the South African finished sixth in the Moto3 World Championship with 159 points. Although not entirely satisfied with his position in the final standings, Binder is pleased with everything he has learned over the course of 18 races –in particular the final stretch of the season. He twice placed on the podium in the last 3 Grands Prix, bringing his rostrum total to 4 for 2015.

He will now spend the winter break in his homeland after some excellent results in the first tests for 2016 –a season in which he will remain with Red Bull KTM Ajo.

After your first season with Red Bull KTM Ajo, what is your assessment of the year as a whole?
“This season has had both some big highs and some lows. However, most importantly, I have learned a lot. I can say that I learned more in one year than I had in my entire career.  It is a very professional and experienced team under Aki [Ajo]. 2015 was one of the best years of my life. I really enjoyed myself and I can’t thank the team enough. “

What have you learned?
“Many things –and not just as a rider. How to manage the tyres, the way of working with the people around you, how to transmit my feelings when I think I have a problem. There were things I used to find difficult, but now I feel more understood.”

What is the difference between Red Bull KTM Ajo and other teams?
“Just the way everything is organised and engrained. Aki has done an amazing job with the team. He has given me many tips that have been priceless. I’d never had a ‘rider coach’ like him before.”

On a scale of 1 to 10, what mark would the season get?
“Definitely a 7. A 6 for results and an extra point for everything I have learned.”

What was the best race of the season –and the worst?
“The best I would say was Australia. Although the result was not the greatest, because I lost second place at the end. The worst was the Catalan GP, because I was never able to go fast or feel comfortable.”

The goal midway through the session was to be in the Top 3 in the overall standings. In the end you finished sixth, placing on the podium in the final races. Are you happy?
“To tell the truth, finishing in sixth or eighth position at the end of the season does not have much meaning. The worst thing I would have settled for would have been Top3. The start of the season was not good, but in the end we showed we were strong. This is the important thing, because it allows us to face next season with optimism.”

What would you have changed in 2015?
“Personally, I guess my riding style. I noticed an important improvement with the new chassis, so I would have liked to have begun with that.”

Why did this change have such a big effect for you?
“It was the biggest step forward that I had this year. Personally, I feel incredibly good with the new chassis. I am very pleased with KTM and the team for giving us these improvements, because they have helped me a lot.”

Next year you will have your second season with Red Bull KTM Ajo. What do you want to do better?
“Next year I want to improve my riding style on the bike and, if this happens, I will take an important step forward which I think I need in order to be in the fight for wins.”

After the first preseason tests, what will you do this winter?
“We have started the winter with a very good feeling. The tests in Jerez and Valencia have allowed us to try out some improvements made by KTM and new setups, which has allowed us to go very fast, get comfortable and find a good pace. I am very confident and at ease about next season.

Now I will travel to South Africa, for the first time in a long while. But this will not prevent me from spending many hours on the bike to improve various aspects where I could have been stronger this season. I hope to start next season stronger than ever.”