Adrian Fernandez takes pair of Top 5 finishes at Valencia


Fernandez claims 4th and 5th position in the second round of the European Talent Cup. Teammate Lorenzo Fellon finishes the weekend with a 20th and 16th place.


The Ajo Academy riders took part in European Talent Cup action this weekend, racing at the Ricardo Tormo Circuit. In the two races held on Sunday, Fernandez was twice involved in the fight for the podium, eventually finishing in 4th and 5th place, respectively. Teammate Lorenzo Fellon placed 20th in the first race and improved his result in the second, crossing the finish line in 16th position -just outside the points.

Adrian Fernandez made a good start from the second row on the grid in the first race and remained in the Top 3 for much of the contest, even leading the way as part of a group of 10 riders. With three laps remaining, a red flag ended the race ahead of time, with Fernandez finishing fourth and Lorenzo Fellon, who had started from 23rd, getting 20th position.

In the second race, Fernandez was in the fight for second place, but finished fifth in a close battle. The Ajo Academy rider is now sixth in the overall standings with 35 points. Lorenzo Fellon climbed seven places in the race to reach 16th, almost claiming his first points.

The European Talent Cup will return to action on June 9-10th at the Barcelona-Catalunya Circuit, where the two young talents will compete in a single race.


Race 1 Results
1. Francisco Gomez (Honda) 23:05.366
2. Victor Rodriguez (Honda) +0.189
3. Daniel Holgado (Honda) +0.428
4. Adrian Fernandez (Ajo Academy) +0.483
5. Carlos Tatay (Honda) +1.294
20. Lorenzo Fellon (Ajo Academy) +26.152

Race 2 Results
1. Matteo Patacca (Honda) 30:18.126
2. Peetu Paavilainen (Honda) +0.834
3. David Salvador (Honda) +1.243
4. Daniel Muñoz (Honda) +1.266
5. Adrian Fernandez (Ajo Academy) +1.555
16. Lorenzo Fellon (Ajo Academy) +17.738

European Talent Cup Standing 2018
1. Matteo Patacca (Honda) 57 points
2. Francisco Gomez (Honda) 56 points
3. Barry Baltus (Honda) 54 points
4. Julian Giral (Honda) 45 points
5. Victor Rodriguez (Honda) 45 points
6. Adrián Fernandez (Ajo Academy) 35 points
-. Lorenzo Fellon (Ajo Academy)


“It has not been an easy weekend. Our grid position was not the best. After the second qualifying session we saw that we had improved, but it was still going to be difficult. The first race was not bad, but I lost positions off the start and on the first few laps. In the second race our speed was very good; we were very fast, but again the start was not good. The races went well, but the problem was the start. If we only look at the weekend overall, it’s not been that bad.”

“We started both races in fourth, and in both we were in the front group. In the first race there was a red flag shown with three laps remaining and we were awarded fourth place. In the second race we were up into second position for several laps, approximately 2.5 seconds behind the leader. With three laps remaining the riders behind us overtook me and we finished fifth.”