Top 10 for Deniz and Can Öncü in Barcelona


Red Bull KTM Ajo riders finish inside the Top 10 in Moto3 Junior World Championship Race1. Can takes points in Race 2. This race was interrupted by a serious accident suffered by Andreas Perez, who was evacuated by helicopter to hospital.


Can Öncü managed to score points in both Moto3 Junior World Championship races held at the Barcelona-Catalunya Circuit this weekend. The Turkish talent finished tenth in the first race, having started from the penultimate grid spot, and twelfth in the second one. Twin brother Deniz Öncü placed ninth in Race 1, but would not complete the afternoon contest. The news of the serious condition of Moto3 rider Andreas Perez broke after the races had ended. The entire Red Bull KTM Ajo family offer their support to the family during this difficult time.

In the first race, Deniz Öncü made a good start from the third row of the grid and managed to stay in the lead group during the opening stages, riding as high up the order as fifth position. From the halfway point of the race onwards, the group split and Deniz led the way in the chasing group. On the final laps he continued to ride consistently to finish ninth. Can Öncü made a great fightback from the penultimate position on the grid after receiving a penalty in the Warmup. He was fighting for points during the second half of the race, crossing the finish line in tenth place -just behind his brother.

The second race of the day featured two red flags and three starts. Both Red Bull KTM Ajo riders got off the line poorly the first time around, but the first red flag gave them a second chance after only a single lap. The second start was again difficult for the two Öncü brothers; Can was out of the points while Deniz had just gone to ground when red flag number two was wave, although he was able to get back on track for the final start. Can was able to read the situation well and scored points, keeping consistent over the 6 laps to finish twelfth. Deniz Öncü retired after crashing 4 laps from the end.

After the two races at the Barcelona-Catalunya Circuit, Can Öncü is 16th in the overall classification with 17 points. Deniz Öncü is 20th with 11 points. The next round of the series will be held at MotorLand Aragon and will take place on July 29th, with a single race for the Moto3 class.


Results (Race 1)

1. Sergio Garcia (Honda) 29:35.075
2. Jeremy Alcoba (Honda) +0.015
3. Apiwath Wongthananon (KTM) +0.503
4. Manuel Pagliani (Honda) +0.633
5. Stefano Nepa (KTM) +1.934
9. Deniz Öncü (Red Bull KTM Ajo) +8.019

10. Can Öncu (Red Bull KTM Ajo) +9.434

Results (Race 2)

1. Manuel Pagliani (Honda) 11:09.288
2. Celestino Vietti Ramus (KTM) +0.053
3. Jeremy Alcoba (Honda) +0.137
4. Raul Fernandez (KTM) +0.390
5. Sergio Garcia (Honda) +0.425
12. Can Öncü (Red Bull KTM Ajo) +5.444

DNF – Deniz Öncü (Red Bull KTM Ajo)

Moto3 Junior World Championship Standing 2018

1. Raul Fernandez (KTM) 99 points
2. Manuel Pagliani (Honda) 96 points
3. Jeremy Alcoba (Honda) 63 points
4. Sergio Garcia (Honda) 61 points
5. Yuki Kunil (Honda) 55 points
16. Can Öncü (Red Bull KTM Ajo) 17 points

20. Deniz Öncü (Red Bull KTM Ajo) 11 points


Aki Ajo – Team Manager
“I’m sure the pilots will have learned a lot from this weekend. The first race was very good, including Can’s, as due to a penalty in the Warmup he had to start second from last. He managed to finish tenth, a great result considering the circumstances. Deniz also had a very good first race; He was riding with the frontrunners a lot of time and, despite being somewhat adrift on the final laps, he managed to finish in a good ninth place.The second race was completely different. I think it was difficult for everyone; with two red flags it is easy to lose concentration. Can was able to finish the race and score points; unfortunately Deniz collided with two other riders and had to retire.”

“In the first race I started and finished in ninth position; it was a good result, I fought with many riders and have gained a lot of experience. In the second race, my first start was not good, and on the second start I went down at the first corner after contact with another rider. After the second red flag I felt better and overtook several riders. However, four laps from the end I suffered another crash and could not finish the race. It was a bad race for me but I’ve learned a lot.”

“In the Warmup I made a mistake and was penalised. I had to start from 45th position. Despite this I kept calm and focused on having the best race possible. In the beginning I pushed a little and, seeing that I had chances to achieve a good result, I rode to the fullest to finish in tenth position. It was a great race. In the second race I tried to get another good result, but there were two red flags and starting from 19th position was not easy. In the end I finished 12th. I gave it my all; I have gained a lot of experience and at the next race in Aragon we will be more prepared.”