“The key to the victory was mainly the work by the team.”


The Red Bull KTM Ajo rider, Jorge Martin, took his first Moto2 win last Sunday in Austria, at the home of KTM and Red Bull.


After a brilliant performance practice for the Austrian Grand Prix, Jorge Martin rounded off the weekend with his first victory in the Moto2 class, dominating from start to finish in a race affected by a red flag. The Red Bull KTM Ajo rider gave the team their 11th victory in the intermediate class. Furthermore the Spaniard talks about how they helped him during an historic moment in his career.


What does your first victory in the Moto2 class mean to you?

“Winning my first contest in Moto2 is, without a doubt, something very important for me, and even more so with me doing it at a special circuit for the team: the Red Bull Ring. On Sunday I took a lot of pressure off myself, as opening your win account is something that weighs heavy on you when you move up to a new class. I’m sure that, from now on, without that extra pressure, our performances will be even better.”

What was the work with the team like before taking your first triumph together?

“The 2019 season was a bit tough, but a year like this always makes you stronger. Thanks to that, now I’m better at braking and at accelerating – and we are seeing that in 2020. Without a doubt, the team have done a great job. They have helped me to grow and to progress as a rider.”

What do you think was the key to achieving this victory?

“What allowed us to achieve this victory was mainly the work by the team. Since Friday in the first Free Practice, I was very comfortable on the bike. Together we were able to understand each change we made to the setup well, and that was the key to the good job that we did during the race weekend.”


“Aki [Ajo] has been very important, because he gave me the opportunity to move up to Moto2 with his team.”


You have achieved your first victory at the home of KTM. Does that make it even more special?

“Getting my first win in Moto2 in Austria, at the team’s home, made this achievement even more special. In addition, the Red Bull Ring is a track where I have always been competitive; it’s the place where I have the most World Championship podiums. It’s a circuit that suits my riding style very well.”

What role has Aki Ajo played in your progress?

“Aki [Ajo] has been very important, because he gave me the opportunity to move up to Moto2 with his team. Above all, his advice has helped me a lot; his experience has taught me to keep calm, to try to be cooler, to think things through better and not get angry when something doesn’t go well. I have been able to adapt to all these situations with his help.”

You are back at the Red Bull Ring this week. Do you think you can keep the results up?

“We’ll definitely see a harder race at the second Grand Prix in Austria, because all of our rivals will be even stronger – as they have all the data from last Sunday. However, I believe that we can keep up our work; I am fit and prepared for the next round.”

How are you approaching this packed schedule due to the COVID-19 pandemic?

“It is proving to be quite a challenge. It’s a lot of stress in a very short time, but in the end it’s the same for everyone. We have to adapt to the conditions and work hard to be up to standard at each race.”

Do you think there is a real possibility to fight for the title?

“We are third in the World Championship. Obviously there is a possibility, but at the moment I am not thinking about it. We have to take things race by race. Later on, when there are fewer contests left before the end of the season, we will think about where we are in the standings.”