“The key to the win was all the work we did during pre-season.”


Jaume Masia achieved victory in the opening round of the 2021 Moto3 World Championship season this past weekend at the Qatar Grand Prix.


The 2021 Moto3 World Championship season began in fantastic fashion for Jaume Masia, who won the first race of the year on his debut with Red Bull KTM Ajo. With teammate Pedro Acosta finishing second at the Qatar Grand Prix, it was an ideal weekend for the team. In an interview this Wednesday, the rider from Valencia talks about the experience and analyses his objectives for the campaign.


What did it mean to you to win the Qatar Grand Prix?

“It was an accumulation of sensations. In the moment I felt a big adrenaline rush. I was very happy for all the people around me and for myself. I thought I would find it harder to adapt to this bike again, after having changed team. However, with all the work we did with the crew during the winter, everything went much easier than we first imagined.”

What were you thinking when you saw the chequered flag?

“I remembered how much I suffered last year. In the end, that’s also part of the learning process and my development as a rider. I’m grateful to all the people who have supported me during this time. I’m very happy and excited.”

What do you think was the key to the win?

“The key to the victory was all the work that we did during pre-season. In practice, we concentrated on riding alone, trying to have a good pace – even when running used tyres. On Sunday, on the last lap of the race, I decided to push hard and try to establish an advantage, and it turned out well. That’s where the contest was decided.”

Was it even more special because it was your first race for the team?

“Yes. It was an accumulation of things: My return to KTM, starting out with a new team… However, Red Bull KTM Ajo made things very easy for me, right from the first moment. They have made me feel comfortable, and there is a family atmosphere in the garage. Sunday was, without a doubt, a special day.”

How has your adaptation to Red Bull KTM Ajo been?

“It has been quite quick. The people on my side of the box, like the rest of the team, are very down to earth. This has allowed me to understand and adopt the team’s working philosophy with relative ease.”


“The goals that we have set for ourselves this year are mainly to be consistent and keep working well.”


You are considered one of the favourites this season, but what are your goals for 2021?

“The objectives that we have set for ourselves this year are mainly to be consistent and keep working well. It will be very important to take the maximum number of points possible at every race. We will do our best to achieve this and to reach the end of the season with a chance of fighting for the title. However, we have only had one race so far, and we have yet to see how 2021 unfolds.”

Do you think that having Pedro Acosta as a teammate will improve your performance?

“Yes. He is a talented rider, and he has come in very hungry. This is a good thing. He is sure to be fighting for the win at every race. Having a strong teammate is always beneficial for us. In testing, we helped each other out, and we continued to do so during the first Grand Prix in Qatar. This will be positive for meeting the team’s goals.”

How are you facing the third consecutive week of work in Qatar, and what goals have you set for the Doha Grand Prix?

“After a result like this, you always go into the next weekend with the expectations of matching it. However, right now I am only thinking about keeping working, from the first session on Friday onwards, and meeting our objectives step by step. Moto3 races are always very close at this track, so luck comes into play too. We will try to do our best.
Mentally, it is difficult to spend three weeks in the same place. The positive thing is that this is the same for everyone. When you come off winning a contest, everything is much easier. For the Doha Grand Prix, my goal is to continue working day-by-day, session-by-session, together with my team. We will give our 100% to be prepared for Sunday.”