“The objective is to continue the progress from the first half of the season”


The Red Bull KTM Ajo Moto2 rookie has worked hard to adapt to the new class, taking a win, a podium and a pole position in the first half of the season.


In his second year with Red Bull KTM Ajo, Pedro Acosta made his debut in the Moto2 World Championship this season. The Spanish rider has made great strides in adapting to Moto2, achieving his first pole at Le Mans and his first victory at the Italian Grand Prix, as well as a further podium finish at Sachsenring. Acosta reflects on the first half of the season and sets new goals for the coming races, after suffering an injury in June.


What balance do you make of the first half of this season?
“It’s positive, despite the fact that we did not start the year as we would have liked. After two consecutive races out of points in Argentina and Portugal, and crashing in France when I was leading, we were able to turn the situation around. We came into the summer break with a win, a second place and a pole, so we are at the point we wanted to be, although I would have liked to have reached that level at the start of the season.”

How has the adaptation to Moto2 been?
“Adapting to Moto2 hasn’t been as easy as I would have liked, but if it were easy it wouldn’t be as fun. In the end it gives us extra motivation to continue working and give our best. I think we’ve taken the necessary time to adapt and get to where we are today.”

In which aspects do you feel strongest?
“We have shown that we have pace, and we are strong in that respect. Despite starting from far back in several races, I have been able to fight back and finish in a good position – and even battle for the win. We still have room for improvement, but it was important that we were strong in terms of pace.”

What has been your best moment from the first eleven races?
“Le Mans was one of the best races, even though we missed out on the win because of the crash. It was the moment in which we took that step forward that allowed us to be at the top. Sachsenring was also a special round, because we started from the back of the grid and worked our way up to the podium. All of the races have been good, but I would put these two even above the victory at Mugello.”


“Adapting to Moto2 has not been easy, but we are at the point we wanted to be.”


What would you like to improve on your return?
“Qualifying is the point on which we have to work the most. If we manage to be strong on Saturdays, it would be a great boost for the races. We have the pace, but it is important that on Sunday we start from a good position on the grid.”

What goals have you set for yourself?
“The most important thing now is to come back and get on the pace again. Due to the injury we will have to start again, going step-by-step and not making mistakes, to be at the same level as we were in Germany.”

How are you working to come back from the summer break in the best condition possible?
“It is important to come back in the best possible shape, and these weeks off allow me to focus even more on returning to one hundred percent fitness. I am doing many hours of physical therapy and I am working hard in the gym to lose as little muscle mass as I can.”

What is your goal for the remaining 9 races?
“The goal is to try to end the year in the best possible way. This is my first season in Moto2 and we have completed the first half of the season in good shape, in terms of my fitness. We want to get back to that point as soon as possible and -why not?- continue with that progress that we have been making up to now.”