“We know our potential and we can fight for the title”


The Red Bull KTM Ajo Moto3 rider ends the first half of the season with two wins and two further podiums.

Jaume Masia, who is in his second season with Red Bull KTM Ajo, currently lies fifth in the overall standings and he is one of the candidates to fight for the title. Masia holds two victories from Austin and Le Mans, as well as two more podiums and three front row starts. The Spanish rider talks about the first eleven races of the Moto3 World Championship campaign and gives his goals for the rest of the season.


How have you approached your second year with Red Bull KTM Ajo?
“I am facing this year better with the team. It is my second season at Red Bull KTM Ajo and that makes things easier. It is no longer a year in which I have to adapt so much, because I know the crew and the bike better. Everything is more familiar and you can skip that first step to go directly to working on more specific things.”

Have you kept the same strategy compared to last year?
“This year we have continued with the line of work that we started in 2021. We are clearer about where we are strong and where we have to work more. Obviously, we want to fight for the Moto3 World Championship and all our work is focused towards that goal.”

You have two victories and two further podiums so far this year. How do you think this first half of the season has gone?
“We could have had more wins. I think we have been unlucky and, in some races, we could have achieved better results, with more podiums and even wins in some of them. I am positive about the season so far; we are doing things well and I am confident that we are going to achieve good results.”

In which aspects do you feel strongest?
“This season I have more confidence with the team and with the bike. It is important to have because it makes everything easier. With these results we are fifth in the standings, but we know that we could be even higher. The important thing is to continue in the same way because the results will come.”


“We will fight for the podium and victory in the remaining nine races”.


What points do you want to strengthen in the second half of the year?
“I think we’re doing everything fairly well. Rather than strengthening anything in particular, I think we have to improve some details, especially our starts and opening laps. We have been at the front and fighting in the first group in several races, so we know the potential we have and that we can fight for the title.”

What are your goals for the remaining races?
“We want to finish every race with the best result possible. I came into the summer break with two victories under my belt, but also knew that the results did not reflect all the work we are doing.Therefore, we will face each weekend giving our all, from Friday, and we will fight for the podium and victory in the remaining nine races.”

How are you going to spend the summer break?
“I’m taking advantage of this break to rest a little more, but I’m already training again. The season is very long this year and we cannot relax, although it is also important to disconnect a bit and return back with our batteries fully charged for the second half of the season.”