“We arrive at the second part of the season more prepared than last year”


Pedro Acosta is second in the Moto2 standings, just eight points off the top.

The Red Bull KTM Ajo rider has made an outstanding start to the season and is showing great progress from his first year in Moto2. In his second year in the intermediate class, he already has four victories and two podiums to his name. Immersed in the fight for the title, he analyses the start of the season and his three years with the team.

How do you rate your evolution with Red Bull KTM?
“If I look back, I see very positive progress. I came into the World Championship when I was very young and I think the team have helped me grow a lot -both at the circuits and away from them. My way of competing, my mentality and many other aspects have changed.”

In 2022 you were Rookie of the Year in Moto2 and finished fifth overall. How do you think you have improved this year?
“Honestly, in everything. I have improved in many aspects, and I think that making mistakes last year has worked out quite well for us. We have learned from them and we have more experience, so that we know how not to commit them.”

We are eight races in and you have already surpassed the results of last season. What expectations did you have for these rounds?
“I actually had low expectations. I wanted to focus on a year without mistakes -or with as few as possible. It was important not to make the same mistakes as last year and to keep improving. We have improved a lot in qualifying and we are reading the races well. I think that we have put behind us many mistakes that we made, and that makes us improve in all aspects. Aki is helping me a lot with that. In the end, it is a very long season and if there are mistakes to be made, it’s best to make them now.”

How has your approach changed this season?
“We are focusing more on being competitive on Saturdays and qualifying better. We are also working on making the race on Sunday a bit easier. In the end, that is where you get the points. If I had to highlight something, it is the big step forward we’ve taken in qualifying.”


“The team have helped me grow a lot -both at the circuits and away from them.”


Did you expect to reach the summer break in this situation?
“The important thing is not the position in the standings. The important thing is that we are competitive, that every Sunday we are fighting for the podium or even the victory. That’s what I’ve been happiest with going into the summer break.”

What aspects do you think you still have to perfect?
“I would like to be a little more competitive in wet conditions. In these last few races, we have been ok at the start, but I would like to do a little better at the beginning of the race and – why not? – be more explosive in qualifying. These are things that we are gradually improving and that we work on every weekend.”

How do you think the second part of the year will go?
“It will be hard because they will be very close races. Not getting injured will play a key role in the title fight. I think we are more prepared for the flyaways than we were last year and, although I think we did not do badly at all, something was missing then. It’s a very long season and when the time comes to push, we will do it.”

What plans do you have for this summer?
“It’s been an intense first part of the season because there have been quite a few races in a short time, so we’ll take a couple of days off. I think we will have to train very hard, both with the team and at home, to fine-tune details that we lack. The work with the team during these coming weeks will be helpful for the next few races.”