Three wins in a row and leadership for Fernandez at British GP

The Red Bull KTM Ajo Moto2 rider claims the win on the last lap at Silverstone

Augusto Fernandez took part in a demanding race held at Silverstone. The Spanish rider started from pole and gave his all to take his fourth victory of the year, becoming the new Moto2 World Championship leader in the process.

The Moto2 Red Bull KTM Ajo rider started the British GP in the front after getting the pole position yesterday. Augusto Fernandez to fourth on the opening laps, although he maintained a high pace to remain in the front group. The Spaniard managed a difficult race well, coping with constant changes of pace to climb up the order in the final stretch. After an intense fight, Fernandez took his third consecutive victory this season and the leadership of the Moto2 World Championship.

Fernandez now has 171 points to his name and he’s the new leader. Pedro Acosta is ninth with 75 points. The Red Bull Ring – Spielberg circuit will host the next event on the calendar, the Austrian Grand Prix, from August 14-18th.

Results (Race)
1. Augusto Fernandez (Red Bull KTM Ajo) 37:38.670

2. Alonso Lopez (Boscoscuro) +0.070
3. Jake Dixon (Kalex) +0.662
4. Ai Ogura (Kalex) +1.741
5. Aron Canet (Kalex) +1.946

Moto2 World Championship Standing 2022
1. Augusto Fernandez (Red Bull KTM Ajo) 171 points
2. Ai Ogura (Kalex) 158 points
3. Celestino Vietti (Kalex) 156 points
4. Aron Canet (Kalex) 127 points
5. Tony Arbolino (Kalex) 108 points
9. Pedro Acosta (Red Bull KTM Ajo) 75 points

Aki Ajo – Team Manager
“Augusto has had a great weekend at Silverstone. Since Friday we have seen that he has returned at the same level he was at before the summer break. Even in practice he has gone one step further than expected. I am very happy with the consistency that he is showing. The race wasn’t one of the easiest for Augusto, as it was hard to overtake, but he managed the situation. The overtaking on the last lap was very nice and we are looking forward to the next race. It’s unfortunate that Pedro wasn’t able to take part in the British GP, but we are going to look at his progress and we hope that he will be back as soon as possible.”


“It was a tough race in which I had to manage things on the fly. The conditions of the track and the pace kept changing, but we did well. I saw that I was stronger than other riders and I decided to attack and wait for the best time to move into first position. I’m very happy with the result and all that remains is to continue in the same way.”

Masia takes second with thrilling fightback at Silverstone

Jaume Masia finishes the British GP in second position, while Dani Holgado retires late on

The Red Bull KTM Ajo Moto3 riders competed in the British GP this Sunday. Jaume Masia enjoyed a great performance that took him from 21st on the grid to second place, earning him a fifth podium of 2022. Dani Holgado pushed hard in a demanding race and also gained places but would retire on the penultimate lap due to a mechanical issue.

Masia started the race from the seventh row of the grid, but a speedy moved him into eighth after just five laps. His rise through the order took him into third place, and he battled for the podium until a mistake dropped him to ninth. Unfazed, the Red Bull KTM Ajo talent recovered, took the lead on the final lap, and tussled for the win before finishing second. With this result, Jaume Masia got his fifth podium of the season.

Dani Holgado held his position of twelfth off the line, and rode at a pace that matched that of the riders at the front of the field. He stuck with a group as he attempted to move up the order, and halfway through the race the Red Bull KTM Ajo rider entered the Top 10. Reaching as high as eighth place, he was eventually forced to retire on the penultimate lap due to a mechanical problem.

Masia is now fourth in the overall standings with 127 points, whilst Holgado is fourteenth with 48. The next round of the Moto3 World Championship will be the Austrian Grand Prix, held from August 18th-21st.

Results (Race)
1. Dennis Foggia (Honda) 37:30.120
2. Jaume Masia (Red Bull KTM Ajo) +0.252
3. Deniz Öncü (KTM) +0.297
4. Kaito Toba (KTM) +0.738
5. Stefano Nepa (KTM) +0.762
DNF. Daniel Holgado (Red Bull KTM Ajo)

Moto3 World Championship Standing 2022
1. Sergio Garcia 182 points
2. Izan Guevara 179 points
3. Dennis Foggia 140 points
4. Jaume Masia (Red Bull KTM Ajo) 127 points
5. Deniz Öncü 114 points
14. Daniel Holgado (Red Bull KTM Ajo) 48 points


Aki Ajo – Team Manager
“It was a very exciting race. I’m very happy and very proud of our riders, because it was a race in which anything could happen. Both of them had a great race, especially Jaume, who started from 21st position and finished on the podium. Although we haven’t had the best luck so far this season, everything is open in the title fight. We just have to have faith and keep fighting. Dani had a good race and was at the front. Unfortunately, a mechanical problem prevented us from finishing, and we will see what happened soon. In races with a pace as high as these, it’s easy to make a mistake, but we know that these things happen.”


“I’m very happy with how the race went. Starting from 21st is not easy, because we all want to move up the order. I worked hard to get motivated for the race, especially yesterday afternoon. Now we will move on and we will fight for a good result in Austria.”


“Today we had a pretty good race, returning to action after a month and a half away. I think I rode a very intelligent race and I was amongst the group. On the final laps I was pushing to improve my result, but we had a mechanical problem. It never feels good to finish a weekend like this, but this is racing and these things happen. I’ll take away the things that we learned this season, and we will go to the Austrian GP ready to improve.”

First pole of the year for Fernandez at British GP

The Red Bull KTM Ajo Moto2 rider will start from the head of the grid for the first time this season

Augusto Fernandez took pole position for the British GP at Silverstone, thanks to an excellent showing in qualifying. He led the way for much of Q2 and consolidated his pace with his maiden pole for Red Bull KTM Ajo.

The Spaniard started FP3 with a good feeling and went in search of positions high up the timesheets. Fernandez improved lap-after-lap, eventually concluding the third and final free practice in second position with a time of 2:04.508, achieved on his last attempt. It put him second overall for the weekend.

He took a further step forward in Q2 and quickly grabbed the top spot. With favourable track conditions, the Red Bull KTM Ajo Moto2 rider found a good pace – which he ran for a long stretch of the session. With a speedy last lap, Fernandez defended his position and took a first pole of the season thanks to his 2:04.103.

The 18-lap Moto2 British GP race will take place on Sunday at 2:30 PM local time.


Results (Qualifying session)
1. Augusto Fernandez (Red Bull KTM Ajo) 2:04.103
2. Joe Roberts (Kalex) 2:04.137 +0.034
3. Ai Ogura (Kalex) 2:04.280 +0.177
4. Albert Arenas (Kalex) 2:04.386 +0.283
5. Celestino Vietti (Kalex) 2:04.498 +0.395


“It’s a very good result, because normally on Saturdays we struggle a little more to even get onto the front few rows. I’m very happy with the pole position and because we’ve taken a step forward, I have a very good feeling and we’ve improved compared to the morning sessions. I feel better and tomorrow we will be ready to fight for the win.”

Tough qualifying for Red Bull KTM Ajo Moto3 at Silverstone

Holgado will start from the fourth row of the grid, with Masia on Row 7

Red Bull KTM Ajo Moto3 riders Dani Holgado and Jaume Masia took 12th and 21st on the grid, respectively, in qualifying at a sunny Silverstone on Saturday. The former was one of the quickest riders in FP3, whilst his teammate would miss out on a place in Q2 at the British GP.

Holgado would make the cut for Q2 directly, setting the third best lap of 2:10.966 on his final attempt in FP3, having previously upped his pace from Friday. Masia would not improve his Friday times in FP3 but made steady progress throughout the session. His 2:12.334 time achieved on his last lap put him 23rd, meaning he would have to go into Q1.

The attempt to join in Q2 was unsuccessful for Masia, who was able to set a faster pace in Q1 than in FP3 when riding alone. Despite contesting the higher spots in the session sporadically, could not finish better than seventh. A 2:11.787 puts him 21st on the grid for Sunday’s race.

Contesting his first weekend at Silverstone, Holgado started Q2 strongly, lowering his times lap after lap. He kept up a good pace and on his last lap pushed to move his way up the order. With a time of 2:11.623 after five laps, he will occupy a place on the fourth row of the grid, in twelfth position.

The 17-lap Moto3 British GP will be held on Sunday at 11:20 AM local time.


Results (Qualifying session)
1. Diogo Moreira (KTM) 2:10.951
2. Izan Guevara (GasGas) 2:11.019 +0.068
3. Ryusei Yamanaka (KTM) 2:11.029 +0.078
4. Ricardo Rossi (Honda) 2:11.059 +0.108
5. Stefano Nepa (KTM) 2:11.131 +0.180
12. Daniel Holgado (Red Bull KTM Ajo) 2:11.623 +0.672
21. Jaume Masia (Red Bull KTM Ajo) 2:11.787 (Q1 time)


“The strategy today wasn’t the right one. I rode alone, and maybe we should have used someone else as reference and been part of the group. I’m happy with the feeling we’ve had throughout the weekend. Tomorrow we will give our best to achieve the best result possible in the race.”


“It’s been a very positive day. We lowered my time from yesterday significantly and we have taken a huge step forward. In qualifying we missed out on a good last lap because we were all looking for the same thing. I was able to ride alone a lot and I was 6 tenths off pole, so I’m happy. I’ll take that away from the day, because this circuit is a long one. We have the bike ready to fight for the win tomorrow.”

Augusto Fernandez fastest on Friday at Silverstone

The Red Bull KTM Ajo Moto2 rider sets the fastest time in Free Practice sessions

Augusto Fernandez completed the first day of the BritishGP with a good feeling. The Red Bull KTM Ajo rider improved his speed on Friday afternoon to go fastest in Free Practice, as the sole representative of the team this weekend: Pedro Acosta was declared unfit to ride after a final medical check-up.

Fernandez began the weekend in the best possible way after a five-week summer break. The Spaniard occupied the top positions early on, showing a great pace. He went into the final stretch of FP1 looking to improve his times, eventually clocking the second best lap of 2:05.475 on his last attempt, less than a tenth off the top spot.

In FP2, the Red Bull KTM Ajo Moto2 rider took a step up with his pace and consistency. After occupying the top positions from the get-go, Fernandez set the quickest time with three minutes to go in the last session of the day. Thanks to his 2:04.573, achieved on his 13th lap of 15, he put himself in the driving seat for qualifying on Saturday.

Moto2 qualifying sessions will be held tomorrow. Q1 will start at 3:10 PM and Q2 at 3:35 PM local time.


Results (Combined practice times FP1 – FP2)
1. Augusto Fernandez (Red Bull KTM Ajo) 2:04.573
2. Jake Dixon (Kalex) 2:04.760 +0.187
3. Alonso Lopez (Boscoscuro) 2:05.129 +0.556
4. Toni Arbolino (Kalex) 2:05.149 +0.576
5. Albert Arenas (Kalex) 2:05.358 +0.785


“It’s been a good day after such a long summer break. Five weeks off is a lot, so I’m happy to come back and pick up where we left off. I’ve worked well with the team, done things calmly and the results are positive. We hope to continue like this for the rest of the weekend and tomorrow we will do our best.”

First day completed for Masia and Holgado at British Grand Prix

Jaume Masia finishes in ninth position overall, with Dani Holgado fifteenth

The British GP got underway on Friday, as the Moto3 World Championship returned after the summer break. Both Red Bull KTM Ajo riders had a good feeling and improved their times in the afternoon session on the opening day: Jaume Masia finished in ninth position and Dani Holgado was fifteenth on the combined timesheets.

Jaume Masia led the way in FP1 after the first laps, followed by Dani Holgado. Both riders gave their best to improve their times and find a good feeling. After fighting to improve his times, Masia placed eleventh with a time of 2:13.336, set on his penultimate lap. Holgado, who made his debut at Silverstone, rounded off FP1 in thirteenth position, with a 2:13.411 his best time after putting in 11 laps.

In FP2, Masia improved his times immediately and set a good pace during the session and went on to clock the ninth fastest time of the day on his last attempt with a 2:11.735. Holgado, like his teammate, upped his pace after returning to the pits and he fought until the last lap to finish into Q2 positions. The Moto3 rookie concluded the session in fifteenth thanks to a best time of 2:12.333. Masia provisionally made it into Saturday’s Q2 session, while Holgado will look to secure a place in Q2 during FP3 on Saturday morning.

Moto3 qualifying sessions will take place on Saturday, 6th August. Q1 will start at 12:35 PM local time, with Q2 at 1 PM.


Results (Combined practice times FP1 – FP2)
1. John McPhee (Husqvarna) 2:10.939
2. Izan Guevara (GasGas) 2:11.372 +0.433
3. Xavi Artigas (CFMoto) 2:11.523 +0.584
4. Tatsuki Suzuki (Honda) 2:11.549 +0.610
5. Lorenzo Fellon (Honda) 2:11.683 +0.744
9. Jaume Masia (Red Bull KTM Ajo) 2:11.735 +0.796
15. Daniel Holgado (Red Bull KTM Ajo) 2:12.333 +1.394


“The track conditions were good and we worked well. I improved my lap time in FP2 and we have a good pace going. We hope to continue moving forward and take another step up ahead of qualifying tomorrow. The important thing is to take small but firm steps, so tomorrow we will go out there and give it our all.”


“It’s the first time I’ve ridden at Silverstone and it’s been quite positive today. We were fast in both sessions, although in the afternoon we were missing a little something on our hot lap. I have a good feeling, which is the important thing. We’re strong and this afternoon we’ll continue working to take that step that we need.”

Fernandez and Acosta return to action at Silverstone

Augusto Fernandez and Pedro Acosta contest the British GP after a five-week summer break.

The Red Bull KTM Ajo Moto2 duo return from their summer holidays at the British GP this weekend. Augusto Fernandez will fight for a third consecutive victory, while Pedro Acosta makes his comeback after suffering an injury in June.

Fernandez comes into the British GP in top form after finishing the first half of the season with back-to-back wins. The Red Bull KTM Ajo rider faces this round ready to continue the excellent results that he has taken in recent races. His victory in Assen saw him show great pace and lead the way during the closing stages of the race. He is currently joint leader of the Moto2 World Championship with 146 points.

Acosta returns to action after undergoing surgery for a fractured left femur. After missing the Dutch GP due to the injury, he has worked to recover and come back in top condition. After a final checkup, the Red Bull KTM Ajo Moto2 rider has received medical clearance and will be able to compete at Silverstone. At the German Grand Prix -his most recent race- he placed second and, with 75 points, the current Moto3 World Champion is ninth in the overall standings.

The 18-lap Moto2 British GP will take place on Sunday, August 7th, at 2:30 PM local time. The last victory for Red Bull KTM Ajo at Silverstone was achieved by Remy Gardner last season.


Circuit information – Silverstone Circuit
Length: 5.900 m. / 3.666 miles
Width: 17 m. / 49.21 ft.
Left corners: 8
Right corners: 10
Longest straight: 770 m. / 0.478 miles
Constructed: 1948


“I can’t wait to get started again after a long summer. I am looking forward to seeing the team again and getting back to work, picking up where we left off to continue in the same way. Silverstone is a circuit that I like, so I hope to have a good weekend. The goal is to fight for the win again and score as many points as possible.”

“We are going to Silverstone with the aim of getting back a good feeling. My recovery has been long and I am working hard to get back to the level we were at before. Physically I feel fine, but now we have to recover my feeling with the bike. The important thing is to pick up the pace again, little-by-little, to get back to 100%.”

Red Bull KTM Ajo Moto3 motivated for the British Grand Prix

Jaume Masia and Dani Holgado will contest the twelfth round of the season at Silverstone.

The Moto3 World Championship season resumes after a five-week summer break at British GP. Jaume Masia and Dani Holgado head to Silverstone in top form to face the second half of the campaign.

At the Dutch GP, Masia fought for the podium after starting from the second row and remaining in the front group for almost the entirety of the contest. Unfortunately, the Red Bull KTM Ajo rider was involved in an incident with another rider and was unable to complete the race. Masia is fifth in the Moto3 standings with 107 points and comes into the British GP ready to fight for the top positions.

Holgado, who dropped down several positions off the start in Assen, maintained a good race pace and climbed up the order to finish the Dutch GP in sixth. The Red Bull KTM Ajo rookie continues to make progress in the class, and visits Silverstone for the first time focused on taking another step forward. With 48 points to his name, Holgado is thirteenth in the series.

The 17-lap Moto3 British GP will take place on Sunday, August 7th at 11:20 AM local time. Red Bull KTM Ajo’s last victory at Silverstone was with Brad Binder, in 2016.


Circuit information – Silverstone Circuit
Length: 5.900 m. / 3.666 miles
Width: 17 m. / 49.21 ft.
Left corners: 8
Right corners: 10
Longest straight: 770 m. / 0.478 miles
Constructed: 1948



“I’ve been really looking forward to getting to Silverstone and working with the team again. I have taken advantage of the break to prepare well for the second part of the season and we will give our all from Friday. We are clear about things and we will fight to be up at the front throughout the weekend.”

“Silverstone is a new circuit for me, but the objective remains the same. We will try to be in the front group, since that is where we learn the most, and we will fight for the podium and the victory. I’m very motivated because I have worked hard in this five-week break, both on my fitness and with the bike. I’m prepared to be strong from the start of the weekend.”


“We know our potential and we can fight for the title”

The Red Bull KTM Ajo Moto3 rider ends the first half of the season with two wins and two further podiums.

Jaume Masia, who is in his second season with Red Bull KTM Ajo, currently lies fifth in the overall standings and he is one of the candidates to fight for the title. Masia holds two victories from Austin and Le Mans, as well as two more podiums and three front row starts. The Spanish rider talks about the first eleven races of the Moto3 World Championship campaign and gives his goals for the rest of the season.


How have you approached your second year with Red Bull KTM Ajo?
“I am facing this year better with the team. It is my second season at Red Bull KTM Ajo and that makes things easier. It is no longer a year in which I have to adapt so much, because I know the crew and the bike better. Everything is more familiar and you can skip that first step to go directly to working on more specific things.”

Have you kept the same strategy compared to last year?
“This year we have continued with the line of work that we started in 2021. We are clearer about where we are strong and where we have to work more. Obviously, we want to fight for the Moto3 World Championship and all our work is focused towards that goal.”

You have two victories and two further podiums so far this year. How do you think this first half of the season has gone?
“We could have had more wins. I think we have been unlucky and, in some races, we could have achieved better results, with more podiums and even wins in some of them. I am positive about the season so far; we are doing things well and I am confident that we are going to achieve good results.”

In which aspects do you feel strongest?
“This season I have more confidence with the team and with the bike. It is important to have because it makes everything easier. With these results we are fifth in the standings, but we know that we could be even higher. The important thing is to continue in the same way because the results will come.”


“We will fight for the podium and victory in the remaining nine races”.


What points do you want to strengthen in the second half of the year?
“I think we’re doing everything fairly well. Rather than strengthening anything in particular, I think we have to improve some details, especially our starts and opening laps. We have been at the front and fighting in the first group in several races, so we know the potential we have and that we can fight for the title.”

What are your goals for the remaining races?
“We want to finish every race with the best result possible. I came into the summer break with two victories under my belt, but also knew that the results did not reflect all the work we are doing.Therefore, we will face each weekend giving our all, from Friday, and we will fight for the podium and victory in the remaining nine races.”

How are you going to spend the summer break?
“I’m taking advantage of this break to rest a little more, but I’m already training again. The season is very long this year and we cannot relax, although it is also important to disconnect a bit and return back with our batteries fully charged for the second half of the season.”

“We want to fight for the podium in the second part of the season”

The Red Bull KTM Ajo rider is making great progress in his first year with the team, finishing the first half of the season as the best rookie in Moto3.


Dani Holgado came into the Moto3 World Championship season off the back of an injury suffered in February. Despite this, the Red Bull KTM Ajo Moto3 rider quickly adapted to the class, and now has two front row starts to his name and has been able to fight for the top positions in several races. He reveals the keys to his progress and explains how he faces this second half of the season.


How was the start to your first season in the Moto3 World Championship?
“The start was quite positive, because we had good races especially the last two races. Some have been a little more difficult, but that’s normal in a rookie season. I can make a very positive assessment of this first half of the campaign.”

You ended the first half of 2022 as the top rookie. Did you expect to make such a quick adaptation?
“I expected to be leading the top rookie standings. Last year I won the FIM JuniorGP and practically all the new riders this season have also come from that competition. In that way, you know the other riders better and I expected to be up there.”

What have you found most difficult at the beginning of the year?
“Perhaps what I find most difficult is adapting to new circuits. It’s normal, because you don’t know them and you lack a bit of experience, so you struggle a bit. However, I think I have been able to handle it well, because at all the tracks I wasn’t familiar with, we have been up to scratch.”

What are your strengths?
“I have improved a lot in races this year, as I’ve learned to manage them better and adapt to the different situations that might arise. At Austin and Portimao I had two crashes, and from that moment I learned to be calmer. The races are longer and, except for the two DNFs that I have had, in the rest of the races I have done very well.”


“I have learnt to manage the races better and we have achieved good results in the first half of the championship.”


What does Jaume Masia give you as a teammate?
“Jaume gives me very good things, as he has much more experience than me in Moto3 and I can learn a lot from him. We help each other and have good teamwork when we need it. Clearly, having him on the other side of the box has been very good for me this year.”

What goal have you set for this second half of the season?
“The goal for me and the team is to try to finish as many races as possible in the front group. Between now and the end of the season, I would like to get a podium, and we have shown that we are strong and that we can be competitive. We have already started from the front row, so the podium is the next objective. I believe that if we continue working in the same way, we can achieve it.”

How are you going to spend the summer break?
“I took the first two weeks off. Now it’s time to focus on training and preparing to return to action as strong as possible. I will have a few more days off, but we have to train hard to be able to fight for our goals.”


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