Xabi Zurutuza: “We are becoming more consistent and the results will come”

The Spanish rider is competing in his first season in the Moto3 World Championship. After scoring points in his debut race in Austin, Zurutuza has had a mixed campaign. The Red Bull KTM Ajo rider analyses the aspects to improve in the future.

What has this opportunity meant to you and how are you approaching it?
“Competing in the World Championship is the dream for every rider and it is the goal we have chased since we were little. I am facing it in the best way possible, fighting every weekend, gaining kilometres and experience race by race -which is the most important thing. The first year is for learning and finding out what the most important factors are to be as competitive as possible in the future.”

You missed the first two races due to the minimum age limit, but on your debut you managed to get into the points. Did it help you become more motivated?
“I was quite upset to miss the first two races due to the minimum age limit, but it is something we cannot fight against. Austin was a great circuit to debut at; I really liked the place and the circuit and, to top it off, I scored points in my first Grand Prix. It helped me a lot to motivate me to achieve good results, and that is what we are currently doing.”

What is the most difficult thing for you this season and what points do you think you can improve for the second part of the campaign?
“I’m having a little trouble catching up with the rest of the riders. I didn’t compete in the Red Bull Rookies Cup, and last season I only competed in Junior GP, so the pace of racing and the number of race weekends was not the same. I don’t know many circuits and there is very little time to adapt each weekend. I adapt well to the different tracks, and that is very positive for me. Also, in the race I always do a little better. As for the aspects to improve, perhaps the pace of the World Championship has been a little harder for me, so the objective is to try to work better from Friday to prepare well for the race, to fight for better positions.”

What assessment do you make of these Grands Prix working with the team so far?
“We have been working hard and improving many aspects, although unfortunately that has not been reflected in the results. In these last 3-4 races, the feeling with the team and the bike has been very good, without having to make hardly any changes, but we have not had the best of luck. At Mugello I had a bad crash in which I was injured, although fortunately I was able to recover afterwards for Assen and Sachsenring. I have had ups and downs, with circuits at which I have done better and others worse. We have been more consistent, and we hope to do better in the coming races.”

“Aki is a person that tells you both the good and the bad, and that helps you to learn a lot.”

What is it like working with Aki Ajo and how is he helping you?
“It’s amazing to be able to work with someone with so much experience. He is a person with clear ideas, who tells you both the good and the bad. That’s important because, in the end, everyone tells you the good things, but not everyone tells you the bad things. Aki tells you everything and that helps you to learn a lot. Because of his experience, with all the riders who have been on the team and all the titles he has achieved, it helps you a lot to improve.”

You work a lot with your teammate during the weekend, especially on Saturdays. How is Rueda helping you during the Grands Prix?
“Sharing a box with a rider as fast as Rueda helps a lot for a rookie. You have a teammate from whom you can learn a lot from, since you ride the same bike. He teaches me how to go fast and I follow his lines, and at the same time I try to help him as much as I can.”

The second part of the season is going to be very intense, with many races and many new circuits. What goals do you have and what do you expect from the remainder of the season?
“The flyaways will be very intense, with consecutive races. I think it will help us, because this way we won’t lose so much feeling with the bike. It’s about learning race after race and starting with the same feeling with which you finished the previous weekend. It won’t be easy, because the conditions are very different, although I have already watched several races to familiarise myself with the circuits -which are wider in general. I look forward to getting there and trying them.”

What are your plans for these three weeks off in the summer break?
“I want to rest for a few days to disconnect and recharge, although I will also be training to prepare for the coming races.”

Jose Antonio Rueda: “From the beginning of the season, the goal has been to win the title”

The Red Bull KTM Ajo rider began the season as one of the favourites in the class. An unexpected illness stopped his progress in the opening races, but he has been back fighting for the top positions. Rueda assesses the first part of 2024 and explains his objectives.

What has been the key to the step up you’ve taken during the winter and the first half of the season?
“I think that, above all, experience from last year has helped me a lot. In addition, sharing a box with Deniz Öncü was also a great help to me. Thanks to him I was able to see what the way of working in the World Championship was like and approach it in a different way. I have kept working as I always have, but knowing the path to follow is easier when it comes to dealing with working with the team and with the bike at each circuit.”

KTM have worked hard so that this year you can compete with the new bike. What are the points that you would highlight the most?
“The change of tyres to Pirelli is being very noticeable this year and it has benefited me personally. Obviously KTM have worked hard and the bike has taken a big leap up in terms of everything. I have adapted very well from the beginning and it is easier for me to ride.”

The start of the season saw your operation for appendicitis. To what extent has that affected you and how have you approached the situation to fight for the podium again in the last few races?
“The start of the year was not as we expected, because I missed some races. That made me lose my rhythm and confidence a little, but I think I dealt with it well. I have taken it as a new challenge to be able to be at the front again and show that, even though I have missed some races, I can be up there. I have missed some important races, like Jerez, which was my home Grand Prix, but the most important thing is that we have been able to fight for the podium again.”

What do you think is missing for you to get that first victory in the World Championship?
“I think we need to improve a little in different aspects: Knowing how to position ourselves better in the race, having a little more luck and fighting until the final laps. I would like to fight a little more early on and to have more of a chance to be in the Top 3 from the beginning.”

“Even though I have missed some races, I have shown that I can be at the front again.”

How has Aki Ajo helped you reach this level and maintain consistency every weekend?
“Aki’s methodology has helped me a lot since last year. This season I have applied his advice even more and every weekend I talk to him to get his opinion. His experience and the work he has done with so many riders helps a lot when facing the race weekend.”

What assessment do you make of this first half of the season?
“It’s mixed, because we have not always had good luck. In these last few races we have been able to be at the front, but on the last laps something has always happened and we have been left on the verge of the podium. It’s about continuing to work. We deserve to get more podiums and I am convinced that our moment will come. We have to know how to take advantage of it.”

What is the goal between now and the end of the season?
“From the beginning of the season, the goal has been to win the title. I still think that. Mathematically we know that it is difficult, but the start of the season had setbacks, unfortunately. There are still many races left, and many things can happen. I remain confident and believe that we can still fight for at least the Top 3.”

What aspects do you want to improve for the coming races?
“You always try to do better, but I would like to improve the way I approach the weekend: From Friday until the race arrives.”

Finally, what plans do you have for the break?
“I hope to get my driving licence and I want to get away for a few days to the beach to rest with my family, although we will not stop training to reach the second part of the season in the best shape possible.”

Vietti achieves best result of the season at Sachsenring

The Italian finishes the German GP in fifth position, with Marcel Schrötter seventeenth.

Red Bull KTM Ajo concluded the last round before the summer break on Sunday. Sachsenring witnessed a great race by Celestino Vietti, who fought for the podium until the last corner, finishing in fifth position. Marcel Schrötter completed his home Grand Prix with a good feeling and a 17th place.

Vietti started the race from pole position, having earned the spot after going through Q1 on Saturday. He got off the line well and pushed hard on the opening laps, returning to the lead and then breaking away. However, after the midway point he was overtaken, although he remained in the podium positions. Vietti was still in with a chance of the rostrum until the final corner, but missed out and placed fifth. Nevertheless, it was his best result of the season and his best ever at the German track.

Schrötter was riding at his home Grand Prix. The Red Bull KTM Ajo stand-in rider had gone from strength to strength throughout the weekend, and on Sunday had a solid performance and a good feeling. He tried to manage his tyres optimally to reach the points over the course of the 25 laps, but a collision with another rider caused him to drop down the order when fighting to score points. He crossed the finish line in 17th place.

The Red Bull KTM Ajo Moto2 team now begin the summer break, and will return to competition in three weeks with the British Grand Prix.


Results Race
1. Fermin Aldeguer (Boscoscuro) 35:07.384
2. Jake Dixon (Kalex) +2.159
3. Ai Ogura (Boscoscuro) +4.418
4. Diogo Moreira (Kalex) +4.533
5. Celestino Vietti (Red Bull KTM Ajo) +4.543
17. Marcel Schrötter (Red Bull KTM Ajo) +14.483

Moto2 World Championship Standing 2024
1. Sergio Garcia (Boscoscuro) 147 points
2. Ai Ogura (Boscoscuro) 140 points
3. Joe Roberts (Kalex) 123 points
4. Fermin Aldeguer (Boscoscuro) 108 points
5. Alonso Lopez (Boscoscuro) 93 points
9. Celestino Vietti (Red Bull KTM Ajo) 55 points
23. Deniz Öncü (Red Bull KTM Ajo) 6 points
30. Marcel Schrötter (Red Bull KTM Ajo) 0 points

Moto2 Teams World Championship Standing 2024
1. MT Helmets MSI – 287 points
2. MB Conveyors SpeedUp – 201 points
3. Onlyfans American Racing Team – 167 points
4. QJMotor Gresini Moto2 – 125 points
5. CFMOTO Polarcube Aspar Team – 74 points
7.  Red Bull KTM Ajo – 61 points


Aki Ajo – Team Manager
“We are very happy about how Celestino managed today’s race. In the last few races we have understood more and more the new package and he made great progress in each session. Even though we didn’t get the podium, he was very fast today and he improved lap by lap. We are confident and we are sure that we can fight for better results in the future. Marcel has once again shown the talent that he has and that he already demonstrated in Moto2 in the last few years. He had a solid weekend and even closed the gap to other riders, fighting for points. We would like to thank him for his work with us during these weeks together, and wish him the best of luck for the future”.


“I am really happy with the weekend at this difficult track. We have done a good job and have improved a lot. We have closed the gap to those in front and we achieved pole, so it has been a great GP. During the race I tried everything -maybe too much in the beginning, because I lost some tyre grip at the end, but I tried to fight. We go into the break with a very positive feeling, so we’re looking forward to keeping this going for the rest of the season.”

“First of all, thank you to everyone who has supported me: To Aki Ajo and everyone inside the team. It’s a pleasure to work with them. The goal today was to get into the points and it was not posible, so I am a bit disappointed, especially at my home GP. I tried to save the tyres to be stronger at the end, but that plan didn’t work out. Unfortunately, I also got clipped by another rider and I lost positions, but that’s racing. Again, thank you so much.”

Bittersweet end to German GP for Red Bull KTM Ajo Moto3

Jose Antonio Rueda retires when fighting for victory, while Xabi Zurutuza places sixteenth.

The German Grand Prix did not end as hoped for the Red Bull KTM Ajo Moto3 duo. Jose Antonio Rueda battled for the win in a outstanding performance but a crash with two laps remaining ended his chances of returning to the podium. Xabi Zurutuza climbed up the order to place just outside the points after being sixteenth.

Rueda started the Moto3 race from the second row of the grid. The Red Bull KTM Ajo rider maintained a spot in the front group and, after four laps, moved into third position. Amidst constant changes of positions and an intense fight for the Top 3, he dropped down to sixth and then rose to second, keeping the race leader in his sights and fighting for his first victory in the category. With only two laps remaining, a mechanical issue denied him the chance of his first win in the class.

Zurutuza faced a difficult race at the Sachsenring. The Moto3 rookie, who started from seventeenth place, lost some positions off the line, although he was able to recover and in the first laps he made up positions. Zurutuza tried to recover as many positions as possible before the long lap penalty received on Saturday. After completing them, Zurutuza tried to recover once again and once more made up positions, keeping a solid pace race. In the end, the young Red Bull KTM Ajo rider was just outside the points, finishing sixteenth.

Red Bull KTM Ajo will return to action in three weeks, for the BritishGP at Silverstone.


Results Race
1. David Alonso (CFMOTO) 33:02.956
2. Taiyo Furusato (Honda) +0.187
3. Ivan Ortola (KTM) +0.339
4. Adrian Fernandez (Honda) +2.362
5. Angel Piqueras (Honda) +2.438
16. Xabi Zurutuza (Red Bull KTM Ajo) +38.789
DNF. Jose Antonio Rueda (Red Bull KTM Ajo)

Moto3 World Championship Standing 2024
1. David Alonso (CFMOTO) 179 points
2. Ivan Ortola (KTM) 121 points
3. Daniel Holgado (GasGas) 120 points
4. Collin Veijer (Husqvarna) 115 points
5. David Muñoz (KTM) 84 points
9. Jose Antonio Rueda (Red Bull KTM Ajo) 58 points
22. Xabi Zurutuza (Red Bull KTM Ajo) 3 points

Moto3 Teams World Championship Standing 2024
1. CFMoto Gaviota Aspar Team – 217 points
2. MT Helmets MSI – 193 points
3. Red Bull GasGas Tech3 –164 points
4. Liqui Moly Husqvarna Intact GP – 153 points
5. BOE Motorsports – 139 points
7. Red Bull KTM Ajo – 64 points


Aki Ajo – Team Manager

“Rueda has improved more and more with his riding style in practice and in the race. He was one of the best riders this weekend and also in the previous races. Unfortunately he crashed on the last few laps due to a technical issue, but we are glad to see that he is ok. We can be confident and we know that we can fight for the podium -and even the victory- in the next few races. Xabi faced a new track and Sachsenring is a special one. His race was solid despite the two long laps, as many other riders received the same penalty. He was able to reduce the gap and he was close to the points, so we will keep this progress up for the races after the summer break.”


“In today’s race we made a very good start and we managed to be at the front from the beginning, fighting for the Top 3. I am very happy overall, since I think I could have won or at least been on the podium. With two laps to go I had technical problems with the bike and I couldn’t finish the race. I feel good, but we leave here with a bittersweet taste because it was very bad luck. That’s racing.”


“It has been a Grand Prix full of ups and downs, where we have learned from the mistakes made and for which I have been penalised. These mistakes hurt me in the race, so I have to learn from them to be able to achieve better results. In the race we tried to push as hard as possible in a group of 5/6 riders. We have tried to find our rhythm. It is not the position we would have liked, but we have to keep learning and little by little we will improve.”

Vietti claims first pole of the season at German GP

The Italian will head the starting grid at Sachsenring, with Marcel Schrötter 22nd.

Saturday in Germany was very positive for the Red Bull KTM Ajo team. Although both riders had to go through Q1, Celestino Vietti and Marcel Schrötter took a big step forward and showed great improvement. Vietti pulled out all the stops to take his first pole position of the season.

Amidst noticeably better conditions than the previous day in Practice 2,  Vietti needed few laps to improve on his previous times. Continuing to modify his setup in each session, he challenged for a direct spot in Q2. When his best lap was cancelled out due to yellow flags, his 1:23.377 placed him in 18th position -19th overall. Schrötter also upped his pace and closed the gap to the riders around him. He put in a total of 14 laps; his 1:23.377 on the eleventh attempt, keeping him 21st. He was 22nd on the combined timesheets, meaning he joined his teammate in Q1.

Vietti made a steady push in Q1, climbing positions lap after lap. In the closing minutes, the Italian set the best time of 1:23.111, taking him through to Q2. Schrötter was only able to finish eighth, with a time of 1:23.506, leaving him 22nd on the grid for his home race. Vietti saved one of his best performances of the season for Q2, grabbing the top spot in the final moments and moving closer to the circuit record. His 1:22.778 provided him with his first pole position of 2024.

The 25-lap Moto2 race takes place at 12:15 pm CEST on Sunday.

Results Qualifying
1. Celestino Vietti (Red Bull KTM Ajo) 1:22.778
2. Jake Dixon (Kalex) 1:22.825 +0.047
3. Fermin Aldeguer (Boscoscuro) 1:22.905 +0.127
4. Senna Agius (Kalex) 1:22.941 +0.163
5. Manuel Gonzalez (Kalex) 1:22.992 +0.214
22. Marcel Schrötter (Red Bull KTM Ajo) 1:23.506 +0.395 *Q1 Time



“I am really really happy with this result, especially at a track where I didn’t expect to do it. We have worked well with the team. We didn’t start too badly, being realistic at a circuit where I always struggle. I had to go through Q1 because in the morning I set my hot lap with an unexpected yellow flag, so it was cancelled out. We had the speed and this afternoon I was confident and got a good tow to help get me into Q2. I gave my all to make this pole possible. I am really happy and we will fight tomorrow to get amongst the top positions.”


“I am a bit disappointed. Of course, I expected more, because we were getting closer and closer to the guys at the front. I took another step forward and hoped to get into Q2, and I was close. I wanted to get a better position for the team, for myself and for the fans at my home GP. In any case, we will take the positives away: We are getting closer and working well. We are looking forward to the race tomorrow and want to keep improving.”

Second row for Jose Antonio Rueda at Sachsenring

The Spanish rider will start the race from fifth position, with Xabi Zurutuza seventeenth.

The German Grand Prix qualifying sessions saw Jose Antonio Rueda fight for the top positions on the grid and set the fifth best time of the day, whilst Xabi Zurutuza will take off from 19th the verge of moving into Q2, and tomorrow he will start 17th.

Practice 2 was the last opportunity to secure a direct spot into Q2. With much better conditions than on Friday, Rueda improved his times quickly and continued working ahead of Sunday’s race. He ran a good strategy and remained among the frontrunners in a tight session. Rueda completed a total of 16 laps, achieving his best time on his third lap with a 1:25.372, which placed him in sixth. He was eighth overall. Zurutuza also had a big improvement in his feeling, and lowered his best  time by more than two seconds. He fought until the end for a place in the Top 14, although he finally completed the session in eighteenth place, with a time of 1:23.377. He was nineteenth on the combined timesheets.

In Q1, Zurutuza made an early challenge for access to Q2. The Red Bull KTM Ajo rider was, unfortunately, unable to set a time better than his 1:26.757, and fifth position meant he missed out on the opportunity to move into Q2 by just 0.086s and achieving the 19th fastest time. However, the penalties applied today will mean that Zurutuza will start the race from seventeenth position. Rueda was very competitive from the beginning and fought until the last minutes for the front row. When he was on course for pole position, another rider collided with him, preventing him from competing for the top spot. His 1:25.388 put him in fifth position and the second row of the grid.

The 23-laps Moto3 German Grand Prix race will take place this Sunday from 11am local time.


Results Qualifying
1. Collin Veijer (Husqvarna) 1:24.885
2. David Alonso (CFMOTO) 1:25.221 +0.336
3. Luca Lunetta (Honda) 1:25.222 +0.337
4. Adrian Fernandez (Honda) 1:25.386 +0.501
5. Jose Antonio Rueda (Red Bull KTM Ajo) 1:25.388 +0.503
19. Xabi Zurutuza (Red Bull KTM Ajo) 1:26.757 +0.432 *Q1 Time



“In Practice 2 we improved in all aspects to prepare well for the race. In Q2 I pushed from the start and with a new tyre I had a collision with another rider that affected me. In the end we are on the second row, which is not bad, but without the incident we could have got the front row. I’m very happy with the feeling on the bike and ready for tomorrow’s race.”


“It has been a difficult day. We have taken a step forward in our riding and speed, but we incurred the double long lap penalty for tomorrow’s race which complicates things for us. We will see where we end up tomorrow after all the penalties, but of course we will do our best to recover positions quickly and get the best possible place.”

Red Bull KTM Ajo Moto2 improve on first day at Sachsenring

Celestino Vietti finishes in 11th position, with Marcel Schrötter 21st.

Red Bull KTM Ajo began the ninth round of the Moto2 season on Friday at Sachsenring. Celestino Vietti and Marcel Schrötter faced a difficult day, but the former clocked the eleventh best time of the day. The home rider -replacing Deniz Öncü once again- was 21st.

The morning Practice took place under temperatures that were fairly low, and the presence of high winds created problems on track. Vietti and Schrötter started their search of a good setup for their bikes, making steady progress. Vietti climbed positions lap after lap and, after a pit stop, fought for the Top 10 on the timesheets. Putting in 23 laps, the Red Bull KTM Ajo rider achieved his best time on the fifteenth attempt, with a 1:24.054 that placed him 14th. Schrötter started his second Grand Prix with the team on Friday. He has extra motivation to continue improving this weekend at his home round, and felt much more comfortable than at Assen. He closed the gap to his rivals, achieving a time of 1:24.938, placing him 21st.

Friday’s Practice 1 was a new opportunity to continue fine tuning setups, and Vietti had some difficulty finding the best feeling possible. However, the Italian improved by more than half a second compared to the morning and closed the gap with the frontrunners. In the closing minutes he fought for the Top 10 and placed eleventh, just a few tenths away from the Top 3. Schrötter upped his pace and lowered his times by more than a second compared to the first session. He continued working on improving his feeling and preparing his strategy for Sunday’s race, but was not able to beat his best time from Practice in the closing minutes and his 1:23.995 put him 21st.

Moto2 qualifying takes place on Saturday from 1:45 pm local time.

Results Practice 1
1. Somkiat Chantra (Kalex) 1:22.698
2. Jake Dixon (Kalex) 1:23.049 +0.351
3. Fermin Aldeguer (Boscoscuro) 1:23.105 +0.407
4. Bo Bendsneyder (Kalex) 1:23.123 +0.425
5. Aron Canet (Kalex) 1:23.227 +0.529
11. Celestino Vietti (Red Bull KTM Ajo) 1:23.469 +0.771
21. Marcel Schrötter (Red Bull KTM Ajo) 1:23.995 +1.297


“Today was a positive day overall. We improved lap by lap and we are going in the right direction. It is not an easy track for me but we are working well and we are closing the gap to those at the front. We are also only 0.3 off second place, so everything is very close. Tomorrow it won’t be easy to be in the top positions but we will fight to be in the Q2 spots.”


“Overall, the first day went okay. Of course, I expected to do a little bit better, but compared to Assen we did that, so I’m happy to keep improving session by session. I was fast and I could fight for P15, so that’s something positive and what we are aiming for, being realistic. It was a good session and I think I can achieve more, so hopefully tomorrow we can give it our best and fight for those Q2 spots.”

Rueda and Zurutuza start German GP with good feeling under difficult conditions

The Red Bull KTM Ajo Moto3 duo finish eighth and 26th, respectively.

The first day of the German GP for the Red Bull KTM Ajo saw Jose Antonio Rueda and Xabi Zurutuza battle with tricky weather conditions. Rueda finished in eighth position, while Zurutuza was unable to improve his time after suffering a crash, placing 26th.

The morning Free Practice took place with delicate track conditions. The Sachsenring circuit still had some wet areas after the rain the previous day, so the Moto3 riders had to take extreme caution. Rueda made progress in a complicated session, where the wind also made riding difficult. Despite this, he had a very good feeling and, after a pit stop, the Red Bull KTM Ajo rider moved into the top positions. After 19 laps, Rueda achieved the second best time, a 1:26.118 that put him just one tenth off the top spot. Zurutuza had his first experience of the demanding German circuit this Friday, and the rookie had a positive feeling on his opening laps. He completed a total of 19, his 1:27.611 on his 17th attempt placed him 21st.

In Practice 1, conditions improved significantly compared to the morning, although the wind was still present. Rueda rode alone in search of a good pace for Sunday’s race, and to get a better feeling. He ended the day well after setting his best time alone, increasing his confidence and clocking a 1:25.695 that gave him eighth position, finishing Friday in the provisional Q2 positions. Zurutuza faced Practice 1 with a clear strategy. He tried to improve his time over a single lap, as well as his overall pace. Unfortunately, he suffered a big crash after 11 laps, but thankfully escaped unhurt.The team worked intensely to repair his bike, although in the end Zurutuza was not able to go back out on track. His 1:28.186 placed him 26th, and on Saturday he will fight for a place in Q2.

The Moto3 qualifying sessions will take place on Saturday from 12:50 pm local time.


Results Practice 1
1. Stefano Nepa (KTM) 1:25.283
2. Ivan Ortola (KTM) 1:25.314 +0.031
3. David Alonso (CFMOTO) 1:25.347 +0.064
4. Collin Veijer (Husqvarna) 1:25.379 +0.096
5. Angel Piqueras (Honda) 1:25.398 +0.115
8. Jose Antonio Rueda (Red Bull KTM Ajo) 1:25.695 +0.412
26. Xabi Zurutuza (Red Bull KTM Ajo) 1:28.186 +2.903



“Today was quite positive, and we improved lap by lap. On the first stint I had a very good feeling and on the second we focused on working for Sunday’s race. In the end we managed to set a good final lap and we finished eighth. It was very windy and that made our work difficult, but the pace we have when riding alone is good. We will continue working hard to be at the front tomorrow.”


“The first day at Sachsenring is in the books I have seen that it is a very difficult circuit. The track conditions in the first practice session were not the best, but I liked it a lot. We have to continue working on our pace. We had a pretty bad crash at the beginning of Practice 1, and that prevented us from going back out later. Tomorrow we will have to do all the work that we couldn’t finish today, to fight to be higher up the order.”

Vietti and Schrötter face new challenge at German GP

The Red Bull KTM Ajo Moto2 duo will compete in the ninth round of the season.

The German Grand Prix is the next stop on the Moto2 World Championship calendar. Celestino Vietti and Marcel Schrötter will race at Sachsenring, where the Red Bull KTM Ajo team have enjoyed great results in recent years.

Vietti had a good feeling throughout the Dutch TT weekend, although his final result was affected by a small mistake that kept him out of the fight for the Top 5. The Italian now wants to continue working together with his team to go into the summer break with a positive conclusion to the first half of the season. After his tenth position at Sachsenring last year, the objective is to make another step up and fight for the front positions this weekend. With 44 points, he occupies twelfth in the overall standings.

Schrötter will compete in his second race for the team on a very special weekend. The German contests his home GP at Sachsenring after a solid race at Assen. Schrötter went from strength to strength throughout the weekend and climbed positions to finish in eighteenth on his return to the intermediate class. This is the second of two rounds in which he stands in for the injured Deniz ÖncÜ.

Red Bull KTM Ajo are in eighth position in the Team standings, with 50 points. In previous years, they have had wins at Sachsenring with Brad Binder, Remy Gardner, Augusto Fernandez and, last season, Pedro Acosta, in addition to a pair of podiums.

The 25-lap Moto2 German Grand Prix will take place on Sunday from 12:15 pm local time.

Circuit information – Sachsenring
Length: 3.671 m / 2.281 miles
Width: 12 m / 39.37 ft.
Left corners: 10
Right corners: 3
Longest straight: 700 m / 2296.59 ft.
Constructed: 1996


“I hope to have a consistent weekend in Germany. Although the result at the last GP wasn’t what I wanted I had a very good feeling with the bike. We know what the mistake was, so we will work so that it doesn’t happen again. We hope to be more consistent to get to where we know we can be. Maybe we are not the fastest, but we can get up there. We’ll push this weekend.”

“I was satisfied with the performance at Assen and it’s a shame that we lost too much time early on, because the pace was quite similar to that of the frontrunners. It could have been better, but we finished the race and we learned a lot about the bike and the tyres over the course of a solid weekend. Now we have my home GP, which is always very special, and I’m looking forward to riding at Sachsenring. It’s a source of extra motivation and I’m ready for the challenge ahead, as well as grateful to the team for the opportunity.”

Sachsenring next battle for Red Bull KTM Ajo Moto3

Jose Antonio Rueda and Xabi Zurutuza face the final round before the summer break.

The German Grand Prix is next up for Red Bull KTM Ajo, as Jose Antonio Rueda and Xabi Zurutuza move on to Sachsenring after competing in the Dutch TT last weekend. Rueda will look to fight for the podium once again, and Zurutuza will get his first experience of the track.

Rueda was very competitive during the race at Assen. The Red Bull KTM Ajo rider pushed for the podium fell just short on the final corners. Despite this, he is showing great solidity each weekend and feels confident about fighting for the top spots again in Germany. Last season he finished thirteenth in his debut at the Sachsenring, and this time around he hopes to continue demonstrating his quality. With 58 points, he is seventh in the overall standings.

Zurutuza is eager to make up for a bittersweet weekend at Assen. After having to complete two long lap penalties, the Moto3 rookie could not fight for the points and finished nineteenth. However, he experienced a very good feeling throughout the entire weekend, something that he wants to carry over to Germany. Sachsenring will be an unknown track for him, and he currently occupies the 22nd position in the standings with 3 points.

Red Bull KTM Ajo are seventh in the Team standings, with 64 points. In 2023, Deniz Öncü achieved his first Grand Prix win at Sachsenring, while in 2021 it was Pedro Acosta who won the race. The 23-lap German Grand Prix will begin at 11:00 am local time on Sunday.

Circuit information – Sachsenring
Length: 3.671 m / 2.281 miles
Width: 12 m / 39.37 ft.
Left corners: 10
Right corners: 3
Longest straight: 700 m / 2296.59 ft.
Constructed: 1996

“At Assen we had a good race, although we missed out on the podium on the final corners. We arrive in Germany with a good feeling and happy with the work we have done. I think we can have a good weekend there and I think we can fight for the podium and the victory. We just have to continue working in the same way.”

“I am very grateful to be going to another new circuit. We are starting from scratch, little by little, accumulating kilometres. It is a smaller circuit than what we are used to, so we will try to continue working, demonstrate the potential we have and get points in Sunday’s race.”